Focus Janette
Type of Faction alternative name, esp. for male fans
Status less common than Ravenettes

Since the early days of Forever Knight factions, some fans have considered it inappropriate for male fans of the vampire Janette du Charme to be known as Ravenettes, since that faction name seems to have a feminine ending. For this reason, Janette's male fans are sometimes called Ravens. They do, however, belong to the same faction.

Other fans consider "Ravenettes" to be a portmaneau of Janette's name and that of the nightclub she owns, the Raven. Such fans see nothing inappropriate in having male "Ravenettes".

The name of the faction is sometimes written as "Raven/ettes"—for example in the title of the faction's war site for FKWar 11: The Raven/ettes: Forever Knight War XI.


The title graphic of The Raven/ettes: Forever Knight War XI website.

To add to the complications, there are also fans affiliated with Janette who prefer to use the seemingly sex-neutral "Raven" for both male and female faction members.

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