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A resistor can shake off the effects when a vampire tries hypnosis.

A resistor is a mortal with the fortitude to resist being hypnotized by a vampire. Such humans are only a small minority: most people are more or less easy for a vampire to deal with. This has a tendency to lead vampires into complacency—which leads to trouble when they assume that a mortal who has seen them is going to be hypnotizable and they turn out to be resistant to hypnosis. In Hunted, for example, Nick is hunted by a resistor whom he cannot "persuade" to leave him alone.

Any mortal can potentially become a resistor if he or she possesses empirical evidence contradicting the hypnotic suggestion. The ability to resist lasts, however, only as long as the contradictory evidence. If it is destroyed, such a resistor becomes as susceptible as any other mortal. This complication was introduced in Unreality TV, where Nick discovered that it was impossible for him to eliminate the memories of a journalist who had videotaped him flying. Only when the tape was destroyed could she be hypnotized to forget the incident.

Although the actual term "resistor" was not introduced until the Season Three episode Black Buddha Pt. 2, human characters able to resist hypnosis appeared very early in the series.

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