Richard Lambert
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Richard Lambert (from I Will Repay).
Family Sara Lambert (wife)
Amy Lambert (daughter)
Natalie Lambert (sister)
Brought Across 1992 (Toronto)
Vampire Death 1992 (Toronto)
Master Nick Knight
Portrayed By Lindsay Merrithew
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Richard Lambert after he is brought across (from I Will Repay).

The late Richard Lambert was a Crown attorney, (i.e. a lawyer prosecuting criminal cases), devoted to his career. "Richie", as he was known, was the younger brother of Dr. Natalie Lambert. He was married to Sara; and they had a daughter, Amy.

The character was played by actor Lindsay Merrithew, and appeared only in the Season One episode, "I Will Repay".

Character HistoryEdit

As a Crown Attorney, Richard Lambert is enthusiastic about protecting the public by vigorously prosecuting members of organized crime. However, just as a major case is about to go to trial, he is shot by a prisoner attempting to escape from the 27th Precinct police station.

As he lies dying in hospital, visited by his grieving family, Natalie pleads with Nick to save him by bringing him over. At first, Nick refuses. Quite apart from his other scruples, he objects strongly to the fact that Richard is unconscious, and unable to make the decision for himself. However, when the injured man is on the point of death, Nick relents and brings him across.

While Richie is still unconscious, Nick and Natalie transfer him to Nick's loft. Natalie substitutes another body so that there can be a funeral. Their intention is to inform Sara of her husband's survival only after he wakes up.

When Richard awakes as a vampire, however, Nick has to leave him alone in the loft. Imbued with a strong determination to see justice done, Richard becomes a vigilante. Nick realizes the truth only after Sara had been told that Richard still lives. She comes to the loft with Natalie to see him; but Richard is unable to control his vampire blood lust. When he attacks the two humans, Nick is forced to kill him.

Fan FictionEdit

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