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Serena in the present day (from Baby, Baby).
Born circa 1900 (France)
Brought Across 1922 (Paris, France)
Master Nick Knight
Portrayed By Denise Virieux

In the Paris of the 1920s, Serena was an independent-minded woman who dressed in well-cut men's garb to indicate her intent to reject the usual role of women in the society of the time. Nevertheless, she had a deep wish to have a child—but without the limitations on her life that she believed marriage would bring.

For this reason, she was intrigued by Nick Knight, whose lifestyle—actually related to his vampirism—she interpreted to mean that he was a free spirit who would give her a child and then leave her to raise it alone. When she approached Nick, she spoke metaphorically in terms of wanting "immortality". Nick took this to mean that she wanted him to bring her across as a vampire, and did so. She was appalled to discover her changed state, and has blamed him ever since.

There is a folk legend within the vampire community that, if a female vampire can become pregnant, she will regain her mortality, that being the only way for the fœtus to get nourishment in utero. In Baby, Baby, Serena decided to try to find a "special kind of man" who could impregnate a vampire.

While working as a welder in modern-day Toronto, she met a criminal named Calvin Trilling who had an extra Y chromosome. This, she decided, was a man with the potential to father her child. However, Serena proved to be wrong, and her attempt to become pregnant by Trilling ended in the latter's death. After disposing of his corpse, Serena left Toronto.