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Short Valentine's Day Fluff
Author Brian Gerstel
Date 13 February 1994
Rating/Warning G
Genres Valentine's Day story, romance
Format ficlet
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Story Recap[]

Nick and Natalie share a romantic movie marathon on Valentine's Day.

Author's Note[]

"I don't know why, but somehow I couldn't let Valentine's Day go by without paying homage to our favorite non-couple.

*Please* be merciful; this is my first fanfic of *any* kind, and the first story I've written in more than a year. It's untitled, unrehearsed, and possibly incoherent (as you might guess from the time I'm posting it), but I figured, what the hell."


"So, Nick, how about a movie marathon at your place?"

Detective Nick Knight turned around at the oh-so-casual voice and stared at his friend, Natalie Lambert. "Nat, when were you planning on sleeping? Or letting me sleep, for that matter?"

Nat was immediately ready with a reply. "Nick, I've got a day off due, and I'm sure you haven't taken a day off in months. It's time we both had a chance to relax."

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