Sophia Jurgen
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Dr. Sophia Jurgen as a modern vampire (from "If Looks Could Kill").
Born late 18th Century (Germany)
Brought Across 1820 (Germany)
Master disputed
Portrayed By Jennifer Dale
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The human baroness feared losing her looks as she got older.

Sophia Jurgen is a vampire character in the Season One episode "If Looks Could Kill". The role is played by actress Jennifer Dale.

In the early nineteenth century, Nick Knight meets a German Baroness with whom he conducts a discreet flirtation. She finds him far more sympathetic than her husband, who is off pursuing younger beauties. However, despite her hints, Nick feigns to know nothing of "special" methods of preserving beauty. Her disappointment is assuaged by Janette's greater appreciation of the limitations age places on women. The Baroness is brought over, to Nick's shocked displeasure, though who her master might be still remains in question. It may have been the sympathetic Janette; but comments by Janette about being unable to stop draining a victim once she starts may indicate that LaCroix is the Baroness's master.

In 1993, Toronto sees a series of mysterious deaths of young women whose bodies aged very quickly into those of middle-aged or elderly women. The inquiries of Det. Nick Knight and his partner, Don Schanke, leads to a health club, Spa Experience, with which all the women are associated. Nick is particularly interested in meeting a mysterious Dr. Jurgen who had been treating them.

When Dr. Jurgen does finally show up belatedly to treat her patients, Nick discovers that she is the Baroness he had once known. Her "treatments" consist of injections of her own blood, which is having the effect of prolonging the appearance of youth in her patients. Nick prevents her from administering the shots, and she flees. As the last treatment wears off, the final surviving patient takes on the appearance of the elderly woman she actually is.