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Spark in A More Permanent Hell.
Vampire Death 1995 (Toronto, staked)
Portrayed By Rod Wilson
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Spark snarls, about to bite.

Spark is—or was—a brash young vampire who frequented the Raven. In A More Permanent Hell, when it was believed that an asteroid was on course for a collision with Earth that would exterminate all human life on the planet, Spark was one of the vampires emboldened to disregard the code of secrecy and hunt more openly for human prey. At one point, Nick Knight interrupted him, and rescued his victim.

When Natalie Lambert decided that the only way for her to survive the pending catastrophe was to be brought over, she turned to Nick to do this for her. But Nick refused. Not accepting her fate, Natalie went to the Raven to find another vampire who would oblige her.

She picked up Spark, and proposed to him that he could have her if he brought her over. He was quite prepared to go through with it, although she changed her mind at the last minute. He pursued her; but Nick came to her rescue, and killed Spark by staking him.