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Although Forever Knight was filmed with a relatively small budget by today's television standards, several important special effects were included to enhance the believability of the existence of vampires in the real word. Some of these special effects are listed below.


Blood in the FK universe is really undiluted Ribena™, a sweetened concentrate of blackcurrant juice. The product was left undiluted so that it might approximate the consistency of fresh blood.

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After the first season, flying vampires were essentially a thing of the past for FK actors. Nearly all of the shots of vampires actually flying were filmed during season one. None of the actors enjoyed the experience. Flying for FK, like so many other shows and musicals, involved quite an array of wires, cables, and equipment.

For season two and three, flying footage was simply recycled or the shots were designed to show vampires just taking off or landing. The bird's-eye-view of the city, presumably from the point of view of a flying vampire, was actually an ultralight being flown with a camera attached to it.

Night VisionEdit

In the first episode of Season One, fans were introduced to the world from Nick's visual point of view when he was using a vampire's night vision to examine crime scenes and search for murderers in the dark. To visually represent what Nick saw, a special effect was used that added oval red circle in the center of the screen. In Season Two, producers, this was modified so that the whole world appeared to turn an eerie red when Nick used night vision.

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Eye ColourEdit

Contact lenses were employed to produce the unusual eye colours exhibited by the vampire characters of Forever Knight when hypnotizing mortals or snarling in lust or fury. The yellow glow seen around a vampire's eyes in the first season was accomplished by shining a flashlight through a rectangular piece of cardboard in the actor's eyes. The vampire glow during the second and third season comes from lights attached to the filming cameras.

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Unlike some vampire shows or movies, FK vampires have been seen in mirrors. However, this wasn't originally intended. Several episodes, including the pilot, showed vampires clearly visible in mirrors. In the Canadian version of "Father Figure", Nick says that he can be seen in mirrors only sometimes.

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