Spoilers are published pieces of information that divulge information about a television series, movie, or book that would otherwise be unknown to the reader. The term is especially employed when the revelation betrays a surprise, such as a plot twist or the solution to a mystery.

"Spoiler" is a common term in media fandom. It is not particular to Forever Knight fandom.

FKSPOILR@LISTS.PSU.EDU was a mailing list to allow discussions of episodes during the run of the series without revealing plot points to list members who had not yet seen the episodes in question and did not want to be 'spoiled.' FKSPOILR@LISTS.PSU.EDU was ended on June 12th, 1996, as the series would no longer air new episodes and so the question of readers of the Forkni-L list being spoiled became moot.

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