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Sunny Days, Sunny Ways
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Screen capture of the webpage for "Sunny Days, Sunny Ways".
Author Greer Watson
Date 17 July 2021
Where posted AO3
Rating/Warning PG
Genres drama, Labour Day story, domestic fic
Format short story
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Story Recap[]

Tracy bitches to Vachon about her uncertain plans for the Labour Day holiday.


Written as a gift for Brightknightie in the 2021 Every Woman Exchange. The collection opened on 2 August. Word count: 1575 words.

The story mentions Tracy's father, mother, and Uncle Sonny who are all canonical characters.


“I envy you, you know,” she said, lowering the can.  “I don’t think you’re sweating at all; and I’m so sticky I wish I could go home and shower.  Except by the time I got back here I’d feel just as bad again.”  She burped.  The Sprite had been a bit shaken.

“Perks of eternity.”  He saluted her, bottle in hand, and took a swig.

Author's Notes[]

The “sunny ways” of the title is, in origin, an allusion to one of Aesop’s fables, in which the sun wins over the wind in a contest to persuade a man to take off his jacket.  In 1895, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, later Canada's second prime minister, employed the fable in a speech recommending negotiation and compromise in solving issues.  Laurier’s phrase was quoted by Justin Trudeau in 2015 when he was elected prime minister.


[...] Thank you for exploring Tracy's character through this multi-sided quandary. It's insightful that the disruptive ripples of such a divorce can scratch at many lives, and that the drawing of sides ignores the real landscape underneath.

It's potent to add to Tracy's motivations for her invocation of her Uncle Sonny in "Let No Man Tear Asunder." Very good thought. It's pleasant to imagine that she had such a refuge in a loving uncle who wasn't pushing at her or arranging her life ahead of her. [...]

excerpted from comment by Brightknightie on AO3

I do enjoy the range of compare-and-contrast type possibilities afforded by the new group of recurring vampire characters. Vachon's relationship with Tracy, in particular, seemed very different from Nick's with Natalie (let alone neck-of-the-week guest stars). Nick was always falling fatally in love! To me, Vachon and Tracy work best together as friends, despite the attempts of some T + V Pack members to romanticize them.

excerpted from reply by greerwatson on AO3

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