Tainted Love
Author tenaya
Date 1 September 1996
Where posted Awakenings #2, AO3
Rating/Warning NC-17
Genres crossover, slash fiction
Format novelette
Series Dark Love series
Next "Secrets of Darkened Hearts"
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Story RecapEdit

Crossover with Highlander. Set post "Last Knight", after LaCroix has brought Natalie over.

Methos and LaCroix meet by chance in plague ravaged England in 1349, and then again in Seacouver in the present day.



He could feel the suggestion compelling him to walk down the street and into the park. The summons was an irresistible siren's call and to defy it was causing him to break out in a cold sweat.

It had to be LaCroix. That had to have been why events of over six hundred years ago had been leaping to mind every time he wasn't actively thinking about something else. LaCroix had to have found him and now wanted him again. Wanted to have their bodies entwined together….

Furious at yet another unbidden vision of lust and passion, he grimaced. "Not if I can bloody well help it!"

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