Tequila Fiends
Focus tequila
Type of Faction hobby-based
Status inactive
Websites FK Tequila Fiends Website
War Activity Wars 9 & 10
Logo of the Tequila Fiends' faction site.
TequilaFiends icon01
Faction icon, created by Greer Watson in 2012.

For a list of members of this faction, please go to Category:Tequila Fiends.

The Tequila Fiends are a faction of Forever Knight fans who enjoy tequila. Their motto is "Vaya con Cuervo!!!" and they have the following two rules:

Rule Number One: Charter members are entitled to the worm, so long as any of them are conscious.

Rule Number Two: Ummm . . . I can't remember.

Faction's Virtual HomeEdit

The Fiendish Glow is a fictional pub on a street corner in downtown Toronto. The Tequila Fiends share it as their faction headquarters with the Celtic GlowWorms.

Faction MascotEdit

Forever Knight Stunt Coordinator/Tequila Fiend Rick Forsayeth and/or his poodle.

Faction WebsitesEdit

FK WarsEdit

With the other denizens of the Fiendish Glow, the Celtic GlowWorms, the Tequila Fiends took part in War Nine and War Ten.

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