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Terry Wadsworth
Pen names Eowyn

Terri Wadsworth (a/k/a Eowyn) is a Forever Knight fan who is a member of the FORKNI-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU mailing list.

For a number of years, Terri used to keep a Forever Knight Birthday List to which fans could add their names. On the birthday, she then posted a "Happy Birthday" message to FORKNI-L. Other fans could then send private birthday greetings if they chose.

In 2004, Terri also started the Forever Knight Holiday Card Exchange so that fans on list could send each other cards for the Christmas/Yuletide/Hannukah/Kwanzaa season.

How long have you been a FK fan? How did you get started?

I was channel surfing through Crimetime after Primetime on CBS at the beginning of the first rerun of the first season. I happened on the scene where Nick faints in the church in "For I Have Sinned" and thought he was pretty good looking. I decided to try and tape the reruns but it was almost a lost cause because the very next week, CBS began showing Wimbledon highlights and I never knew when they would finish so I stayed up later and later to turn on the VCR! Anyway, I was hooked.

Have you ever met anyone off the FK lists?

Oh yes! I've met many of the listmembers through Ger's fan club and several have become lifelong friends. There are many others that I haven't met yet and hope to in the future!

From a "Getting to know you" thread on FORKNI-L (29 December 2005)[1]

Terri has participated in several FK Wars, in which she plays as a Knightie. Of this, she says,[2]

I joined Forni-l three weeks before War 8. I had never heard of or had any remote idea what an FK War was but I signed up to play anyway. When I found out that fiction writing was the biggest part of a War I was tempted to pull out. Write fictional stories based on real characters interacting with our favorite TV characters?!!! Not really my cup of Earl Gray but then a lady who has since become one of my best friends (the best outcome of a War, IMHO) told me I could be a war correspondent. I wouldn't have to write much, just summarize the stories other people wrote so that everyone in my faction could keep up with the "action" without having to spend hours reading every story. It sounded like the best way for me to contribute to the "war effort." As time has gone on, I've written a story or two for each subsequent war but have never gotten into writing war as eagerly as some of the other writers in my faction. But my limited writing muse has never prevented me from participating in or enjoying an FK War. I think this is true for many of the Knighties. We have great/prolific writers and wish we had more but not wanting to/having time to/or not being able to write never seemed to keep our numbers down in Wartime. Rather, the biggest factor to war participation always seemed to be how much RL time one had to devote to war pursuits.


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