The Address of a Myth
Author andveryginger
Date 19 November 2015
Where posted AO3
Rating/Warning PG
Genres crossover, futurefic
Format short story
Series Mythverse series
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Story RecapEdit

Crossover with Forever. When Nick and Natalie move to New York, she takes the night shift at the morgue. Her new colleague, Henry Morgan, finds the pair of them curiously puzzling.

Author's NotesEdit

  • The title, "The Address of a Myth" comes from Forever Knight episode 3 x 06, "My Boyfriend is a Vampire." In it, Nick and his partner, Tracy, investigate the death of a woman who had been on a Jerry Springer-like talk show only the day before, claiming her boyfriend was one of the undead. When one of the show directors is asked if she got the address of the boyfriend, she responds, "But vampires don’t exist. Why bother asking for the address of a myth?” That line seemed to stick with me as I conceived and wrote this fic... though the term "address" could be applied as both a noun and a verb in this case.


Written for the Forever Crossover Ficathon Week. Beta'ed by idelthoughts. Length: 5709 words.


“Doctor Lombard,” Henry said, interrupting. A friendly smile broke across his features and he extended his hand. “Doctor Henry Morgan. A pleasure to finally meet you.”

The woman shook his hand and Henry was struck by how cool it was, despite having been clasped under her coat. “Please, call me Natalie,” she replied.

“A pleasure to meet you, Detective,” Henry said aloud.

“And you,” Nick replied with a nod and a smile. His accent, Henry noted, was a bit unusual, as though he made effort to speak cleanly, with as little accent as possible. Despite the effort, his pronunciation still carried an odd mix of intonations found in locations scattered from North America to the European continent. It was the type of accent one acquired when one travelled extensively… for a very long time.

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