The Visitor
Author tolakasa
Date 21 December 2009
Where posted Archive of Our Own
Rating/Warning G
Genres drama
Format short story
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

Shortly after "Feeding the Beast", Natalie comes home from work to discover that Janette wants to talk to her about Nick.


This story was written for Amilyn in Yuletide 2009.


She turned, saw Sydney's empty perch, and nearly choked on her heart. "Where's Sydney?"

"The cat?" Janette gave her a slow, teasing, cruel smile that, for a moment, had Natalie mentally inventorying every sliver of wood in the apartment. "In your room. He took a dislike to me, and I tired of his hissing." She laughed. "I don't eat cats, Doctor. I do have standards."

"Good for you," Natalie muttered, retrieving Sydney's food and water dishes and stomping down the hall.

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