The Void
Author Cousin Tippi
Rating/Warning PG
Genres parody, Last Knight story
Format short story

Story RecapEdit

Last Knight story. With Nick kneeling before him, LaCroix is tempted by his good and evil sides—and has to decide what to do.


Time and space shattered around him, dissolving into onyx and hematite shards. Bits of cold, dark glass seemed to rain down on him like basalt ash from a volcano. He closed his eyes. And when he opened them again, he was in a different place. The room in which he now found himself was black and utterly featureless. It was infinite amd had no walls that he could discern. The very void of which he had spoken...

A voice came to him.

"Sad, isn't it?"

He spun around, and saw...


Or, rather, he saw himself as he had once been. The Roman general Lucius strode toward him, and stood before him as his doppleganger. His evil twin.