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The Way Back
Author Sharon Nuttycombe
Date 15 July 1996 (written earlier)
Where posted, AO3
Rating/Warning PG13
Genres drama
Format novelette
Archive Location

Story Recap

Natalie finds a way to make Nick mortal again, but it involves her risking her life.

Author's Notes

"This is a Nick and Natalie happy-ending/romance story that I wrote way back in Season 2 when Janette and Schanke were still around. Although I liked the ending of Last Knight, this is my take on a happier, gentler finish for the series."


Lately Natalie had begun to feel, well, not old exactly, but definitely mature.  Time seemed to be racing by faster and faster, and there were so many things she had not done ‑ like touring Europe at a dead run, for example.  And so, after a particularly stressful day at the office, she had dropped everything, handed Sydney over to a neighbour, and taken some of her long overdue vacation time.  The fact that she had been slightly miffed with a certain detective who never aged while she had pulled out two grey hairs that morning had absolutely nothing to do with her decision.  Honestly.


"The Way Back" was originally written before the series finale aired. It was posted to FORKNI-L and the main archive, but also archived on the Avalon Online GeoCities website.

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