Don Thomas Constantine
Tn fday 143
Don Constantine in the board room (from Father's Day).
Brought Across 1994 (Toronto)
Master Lucien LaCroix
Portrayed By Peter Boretski (old man)
Peter Outerbridge (young man)

Don Constantine is an expensively dressed, respectable looking old man, whose ill health requires him to use a cane. But he is actually a powerful Mafia don, controlling gang interests in Toronto.

He took over the Toronto Mafia when he was a young man. Now, he would like to retire. But his sons and grandsons are all dead; and his only great-grandchild, David, wants nothing to do with the family business. When Nick decides to bring the old don to justice and help his grandson escape, Don Constantine turns to LaCroix, who owes him a favour. LaCroix brings him across, so that he can continue to control the Mob.