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Born 1950s (Vietnam)
Brought Across 1971 (Vietnam)
Vampire Death 1994 (suicide by voluntary exposure to sunlight, Toronto)
Master LaCroix
Vampires Made None
Portrayed By Von Flores
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Tran attacks Nick.

In 1971, Tran was a Viet Cong soldier being hidden by the people of a small village in South Vietnam.

At this time, Nick Knight had gone to South Vietnam as an aid worker. The Vietnam War was at its peak; and the soldiers in the U.S. Army were searching everywhere for enemy soldiers infiltrating their lines. A patrol let Nick through to the village, where he was supposed to treat children who were sick. There he found that the illness was actually anæmia caused by repeated partial draining by LaCroix, whom he found taking shelter for the day in a cave.

Nick emerged that night to discover that the villagers had been massacred by the army patrol. They had been searching the village for Viet Cong, and got spooked. Appalled by the massacre, Nick left, not knowing that Tran had survived. It was LaCroix who found him severely injured, decided that the man's hatred deserved an opportunity for revenge, and brought him over.

Over the next two decades, one by one, the soldiers of the patrol that committed the massacre died in mysterious circumstances. The last but one was murdered in Toronto, prompting an investigation to which was assigned Nick, now a detective on the Metro Toronto Police Force.
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Tran commits suicide by sun.

Looking into the victim's past, Nick found that the leader of the murder squad, Lt. Travis Drake, was the only survivor—and, furthermore, was living in Toronto under an assumed name. Knowing that he would be next, Drake tried to flee in a private airplane.

Tran intercepted him at the hangar. Nick stopped him from taking his revenge; but Drake was so troubled by his past that he shot himself. His vengeance won, Tran opened the hangar doors to the dawn, and allowed himself to be burnt up by the sun.