Trumpet St Peter's Angels
Tn TrumpetStPetersAngels
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Author greerwatson
Date 18 December 2015
Where posted Yuletide 2015
Rating/Warning PG
Genres drama, Last Knight story,casefic
Format short story
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Story RecapEdit

What if the events of the series finale had happened otherwise?


"Trumpet St Peter's Angels" was written as a gift for chamilet in Yuletide 2015. Length: 4249 words.

Prompt: Natalie Lambert and Nicholas Knight. I'd love a resolution to the series ending!" With additional information from the recipient's Dear Author letter, "I really hated the way this ended, so maybe a fix it for that? I'm fine with Nat being turned. Something porny would be great!"


  • "Natalie sighed. “So, why is it, Sydney,” she asked rhetorically, “that I check my voice mail faithfully and there’s never anything on it? And I don’t count a hang-up with no message.”"
  • "“I don’t know why anyone bothers to try to escape from prison,” said Tracy briskly, kicking her chair away from the desk, leaning back, and putting her feet up. “I mean, even if they get out—which Dawkins did—they always get picked up pretty fast. What’s the point? Just to get a few extra years tacked on the sentence?”"


The title is adapted from Lacroix's opening (and closing) speech in "Last Knight", which includes the line, "Is that sound you are hearing the trumpeting of St Peter's angels or the screams of Memnoch's tortured souls?"

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