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Unnamed Faction Pillow Book
Front cover of the Unnamed Faction Pillow Book.
Author Karen Miller
Format Novel
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The Unnamed Faction Pillow Book (also known as the Pillow Book of the Unnamed Faction) is a 170-page slash Forever Knight anthology.


Stories and poems by Leslie Grant Smith, Molly Schneider, Fenris, April Hackett. Kathy Whelton and Susan Field, among others. Stories include "Affinity for Heights" by Fenris and "Falling" by Kathy Whelton.

Editor's Notes[]

A charity project by the Unnamed Faction. From a flyer:

The Unnamed Faction is proud to announce its first charity zine, The Pillow Book of the Unnamed Faction. Professionally and thoughtfully designed, the book features stories, poems and vignettes from some of FK fandom's most accomplished writers, including Leslie Grant Smith, Molly Schneider, Kathy Whelton, elfin, Fenris, April Hackett and Susan Fields, and many more. In addition, the Pillow Book is a limited, numbered edition (perfect for autographing!). For your very own copy of the UF Pillow Book, please send payment (check or money order in U.S. funds) made out to: [info redacted]. Proceeds from the Pillow Book will be divided between Geraint Wyn Davies' preferred charity, which is the Children's Miracle Network, a network of pediatric hospitals and Nigel Bennett's: the White Ribbon Campaign, an organization that works to stop violence against women. (Editor's Note: The Pillow Book includes content which is adult in nature, as the Unnamed Faction explores the relationship between LaCroix and Nick in all possible aspects. For that reason, the Pillow Book is intended for those over age 18.) [1]


  • 1999 - Unnamed Faction Pillow Book, 170 pages

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