Vale of Mysteries
Author waltd
Date 20 August 2015
Where posted FK Fic Fest
Rating/Warning G
Genres Ficathons, crossover, humour
Format short story
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Story RecapEdit

Crossover with Welcome to Night Vale. Night Vale radio wants to do a simulcast with the NightCrawler.


Written as a gift for celli in FK Fic Fest 2015 (released 29 August). No beta-reader is listed. Length: 2370 words.

Written to the prompt: Lacroix, Nick, Natalie. "The Nightcrawler podcast shoots to the top of the iTunes charts. Welcome to Night Vale wants to do a crossover. Fans are pouring out of the woodwork – fans that think it’s fiction, and everyone else."


  • "“Nicholas,” LaCroix intoned (LaCroix never simply said something when he could add considerable drama to it), “as much as it pains me . . . ,” here he shivered, “I need to ask a favour.”"


  • "I wasn't familiar with Welcome to Night Vale, so I made sure to read its Wikipedia entry before jumping into your "Vale of Mysteries," hoping to be able to catch as many references and grasp as much context as possible. It definitely helped! I caught jokes I would otherwise have missed! But I'm afraid that I doubtless still missed more." — excerpted from comment by brightknightie on AO3
    • "I was not, either. Fascinating to find out though. It’s just one weird-aXX place. Their commonality is that they both deal with the macabre and the night." — excerpted from reply by WaltD on AO3
  • "I'm afraid that I'm only familiar with Night Vale through fandom osmosis, so most of the story went over my head. However, the idea that Nick and Nat went on vacation to celebrate his triumph over vampirism only to have the Night Vale hospital so blithely reverse it strikes me as very fitting within the brand of supernatural, Dada-esque horror that it is." — comment by LadySilver on AO3
  • "This was truly fun to read. What a weird little town. I admit that I wasn't aware that this was a crossover until I read the comments from the other readers. I thought you had made it all up, including the 5-headed dragon." — excerpted from comment by PJ1228 on AO3

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