Yes, Nicholas, There Is An Easter Bunny
Author Cousin Tippi
Genres crackfic, Easter story
Format short story

Story RecapEdit

While Nick hunts a thief who dresses in an Easter Bunny costume, LaCroix dresses up in a similar costume to confound him.


  • Lacroix reached into his pocket and pulled out a greeting card. He handed it to Nick. The front showed a merrily hopping bunny rabbit. The caption on the front read: "Are you finding yourself despondent over the fact that, because of the nature of your immortal existence, you find it impossible to believe in the Easter Bunny?" The inside of the card read: "Everybunny's a cynic! Love, Urs."
  • "We've got a real sicko on our hands," Reese said. "Our perp dresses up like a giant Easter Bunny, breaks into his victims' homes, and stuffs Easter eggs into their various bodily orifices."